Commemorate without the clutter

Some people collect shot glasses or magnets from the places they visit and I guess some people amas those little porcelain thimbles that are on always display.

What’s the problem with these collections? Well, after a while there are too many to be displayed, and while it’s tempting to buy the knick-knacks that are sold in tourist shops, you rarely care about (or even look at) them after returning home.

So how do you commemorate your study abroad trips, vacations or exotic adventures well? Here are three ways to decorate and remember a trip without cluttering your house or apartment.



Framed Showcase
Scrapbooks or photo collages are time consuming and overwhelming. This framed photo collage keeps everything neat and organized. Using a paper punch like the kind sold at Michaels, cut out sections of maps, pictures and tickets to showcase your favorite memories from a trip. Place them in a black or white frame for a minimalist look.





Map Tiles
Another alternative is creating hexagon tiles with the maps from your favorite locations. You can order them online, but if you want to save money or personalize the tiles by using the maps that you used on your trip, consider making them yourself like I did.





Travel Keepsake Boxes
If you want to keep everything together and condensed in one location, consider making Travel Keepsake Kits. Look for boxes that fit your interior design style and store all your mementos in one place.






Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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