4 delicious reasons to visit Belgium

I had always overlooked Belgium when planning (dreaming about) trips to Europe. Places like London, Paris or Rome always came to mind before the smaller, unassuming multilingual country. So when my friend suggested we bop over to Brussels for a long weekend, I didn’t realize that I had been missing out on a culinary gem.


Belgian Waffles…oh yeah, they did invent that magical breakfast food. Belgium covers them in chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, and my favorite – speculoos (cookie butter). American waffles have nothing on these. The other thing that Belgium does is they are served in the afternoon and at night.

Best. Drunk. Food. Ever.


Belgians take their beer very, very seriously. There are around 180 breweries in Belgium and almost every type of bottled beer is served in a glass that has been created to enhance the beer’s flavor. It is not rare for beerhouse to give customers a book, yes a legit book, to order from.



Belgium knows chocolate better than anyone. There are so many chocolate shops that it is overwhelming trying to decide which one to try first.
My advice: chocolate tour.
That way you can try chocolates created by some of the most esteemed chocolatiers in the world and the favorite shops of the Belgian Royal family, while wandering around the beautiful city streets.


Contrary to popular belief, French Fries actually originated in Belgium and rather than being a side dish, fries are the center focus and are sold everywhere at “frite stalls”. They are fried twice and served in paper cones with a variety of sauces like curry ketchup or mayo.

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